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Window chair

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Would you ever believe that a chair that can take any form imagined? And how about it taking a window chair? Let’s find out about it from the project by a Korean designer Mars Hwasung Yoo.


Incredible Arch Chair

This project by a Korean designer, Mars Hwasung Yoo, the arched window chair is not merely a furniture design, it is also a concept! How many of you dreamed about a sitting by the window, or having cushioned windowsill? Well, you dreams have been fulfilled, as the Window chair is the exact concept that came to life!

It’s high back is reminiscent of the Gothic archway windows, and its soft cushions and protective value. The Window chair is available in two variations, a single sitting and a mini sofa version. Both versions provide much comfort and actually diversify any interior design by its intriguing patterns, reminiscent of the window grid.


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