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Velvet Furniture Makes For Luxe Decor

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Velvet is as pleasant to the eye as it is to the touch. When it comes to home decor it may not be the most practical fabric, but it is surely a way to add a touch of luxury and color to the interior.

Velvet seems to be a trend of late and it’s not surprising. You can reupholster your old sofa or armchair or even bar stools in velvet and enjoy the drama. Jewel tones will make the furniture piece an accent while pastels and neutrals will give off a beautiful yet subtle lustre that no other material can give you.

Velvet Care Tips

Velvet is a high maintenance fabric. But when it comes to furniture upholstery cleaning becomes a chore with any type of fabric. So why not treat yourself with an old sofa velvet upholstery upgrade?

To keep your velvet furniture clean and shiny you’ll need a professional cleaning at least once a year. Dry cleaning is mandatory between professional sessions. Vacuum dust and hair with an upholstery attachment or put a piece of clean cheesecloth over the nozzle.

Clean spills immediately by simply placing an absorbent material over it without dabbing or rubbing. Keep it over the stain till all the moisture is drawn out.

If you’re not sure velvet will go with the rest of your interior you might find from our collection of images below that it is more versatile than you think.

Velvet sofa

Velvet chairs

Velvet couch upholstery

Velvet set

Velvet armchair

breakfast nook

Velvet armchair





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