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Using Porter Chair in Decor

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Porter chairs are an amazing furniture pieces, that make absolutely all interior designs dramatic. Stick around to learn more about using porter chairs in home decor!

Porter Chair in Interior

For those of you who just can’t live with some drama in their lives, porter chairs are an excellent way to display your character in interior. However, the history of origin would definatelly surprise you. Porter chairs originated in XVI century France and England, and were used for different reasons. Some sources incidicate that these chairs were used for disabled people, and old people to protect them from cold weather. Other sources point out that these chairs were used for servants, who waited at the door for guests since doorbell could not be heard in the huge mansion. These chairs, whatever their purpose was, were made from cane or wicker, and were known as “guérites” (French for “sentry”) with high backs and sides.
Currently, porter chairs are made from different materials and used in luxurious and dramatic interiors. They display different fabrics, textures, patternes, and even styles. Porter chair are now an excellent way to introduce classical shapes, style and glamor to your interior.

Porter Chair Decor

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