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Ultimate Relaxation Furniture

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Holidays are a season for total relaxation, but what relaxation can be possible without the appropriate furniture pieces? Let’s explore the incredible ultimate relaxation furniture pices, that would definatelly make your mind drift away from the common sense!

Total Relaxation Furniture

How about indulging your with these total relaxation furniture pieces, presented exclusively for you in this post? As most cannot imagine an ultimate relaxation without falling asleep, this post will cover mainly bed designs, but very peculiar ones, with some exceptional examples.
The first in our list of exceptional relaxing furniture is the one with a very cozy name – Cradle for Adults. Designed by Victoria university students in Wellington: Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, and others, this nap chair is totally perfect for ocassional daytime napping. The concept of this chair came out from a research regarding children with rhythmic movement disorder. The bed is made from environmentally friendly resources, right down to the glue that binds the initial plywood layers and it provides a perfect escape to the Morpheus Kingdom.
The next in our list is a marvelous the Feel Seating System Deluxe, composed of 120 extremely pleasant balls. This pieces can become  a bed, as well as a counch, depending on your preferences. There are blue and red variations, but this piece is rather too expensive costing up to $7500!
Serpentine is not a bed, or a couch, but can also provide very pleasant relaxing moments and even lull you to sleep. Designed by Éléonore Nalet, it is positioned as an outdoor furniture piece, yet can be used indoors as well. As you see the base of it is wire, which becomes upholstered by threading long colored cushions through the wire frame.
The last in our list is an amazing and cute roll up rug designed to keep you warm and cozy! The Blandito is definatelly a cute variation of a relaxation pad. Designed by Oradaria Design, the Blandito can accomodate a couple and if you want it can be folded, like a burito to keep you warm!

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