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Tri-Folds Sofa: Perfect For Reading

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Do you enjoy reading magazines and books, while seating on a couch or a sofa? If yes, then perhaps you might encounter a problem of storing the magazines or newspapers after you read. Camille Paillard has designed the Tri-Folds Sofa that seems to be perfect for reading and storing the magazines that you might be reading.

Tri-Fold Sofa by Camille Paillard

Tri-Folds Sofa

Tri-Folds Sofa By Camille Paillard

The Tri-Folds sofa is distinguished by the three folds at each armrest that are quite convenient for storing of the magazines or books. The sofa is made from leather and an idea for the design came to Paillard during the workshop with the Swiss brand de Sede where she was working with leather.

For me, it was interesting to play with the beauty of the folds and the material’s innate sensitivity. I designed the sofa with this motif in mind in terms of the armrests. The folds are not only aesthetic, but also practical for slipping in magazines and books or hiding items.

Tri-Folds Sofa

Making Of Tri-Folds Sofa

The Tri-Folds sofa is quite contemporary in its design, except the little armrest makeover. The sofa is made entirely according to the choices made by de Sede, including the material and sketches, all of which were first approved by the company. Then, after the approval, Camille Paillard was able to design a prototype. The work took about several months, and throughout all of this time, the artists had regular meetings with the company to follow the request from de Sede.

Despite the mentorship from Sede’s, this sofa was designed under the guidance of a tutor Nicolas Le Moigne. The Tri-Fold sofa was displayed during the Internation MöbelMesse in 2013, an exhibition dedicated to furnishings and interior design that is held annually in Cologne, Germany. Camille Paillard is an aspiring designer that has recently graduated from ECAL, where she acquired a Master Degree in Advanced Studies in Luxury Industry and Design.

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