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Tree Inspired Furniture

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Sometimes we want to be close to Nature, and perhaps nature inspired furniture designs can be a substitute. This post will present to you the Tree inspired table designs.

Amazing Tree Branch Tables

The tree is an amazing inspiration for many furniture designers, as can be seen from this post.The first one in our collection of the tree inspired tables is the Shrubs Table by Zhili Liu. It looks like an ordinary table except the legs look like shrubs. The Chinese designer has broken the stereotype of the “high volume, low quality of the chinese products. Simple, yet elegant presenting the white grace with nature inspired twist.
Another example in our list is the inspirational tree table from JBomers Design. An amazing part about this table is that its tabletop is made from 200 year old oak. The base of this table is resembling many branches, uniting in tree trunk.
The third example of the tree inspired furniture is the dynamic movement table by Chul An Kwak. The unique table base resembles the running horses and appear to be starting any time soon. The smooth surface on the top is contradicted by the moving legs. This table is funky and modern.
The last in our list is the surprising blend of plastic and wood, the product of mth woodworking. Michael Thomas Hose and Tanja Hinder are the creators of this amazing furniture sets that combine natural and synthethic materials. The idea behind all these projects are the inspiration from the most natural objects, the Trees.

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