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Transforming Ordinary Table in Exclusive One

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Usually handmade things are expensive, but not those, which you make by yourself. Many familiar things can be turned into unique pieces of furniture. You just need to have a desire and a little time. Today we’ll show you how to turn an ordinary table into an original piece of furniture.

Master Class: How to Make Table Look Exclusive

Transformed table

Transformed table


You will need 2 long and 16 short rectangular wooden slats. To find the length of the long slats, measure the distance between the closest table legs. The length of the rest two slats will be a half shorter.

The easiest way is to connect the slats with anchors. You can buy the needed material in the construction market, in a store, or search among the remnants of building materials at a friend who had recently finished making repairs.

An ordinary table


An ordinary table


Making the side part

All you need for this step are: dowels, glue, drill and skill to use it. First, connect the strips together. It is more conveniently to do it on the floor. Just drill a hole in a plate; fill it with glue; insert the screw. Then drill a hole in that plate, which must be connected to the first one. Pour the glue into it or apply glue to the dowel. Connect the slats, remove the excess glue. All strips should be interconnected in the same manner. The side part is ready!

The next step is to drill holes in the legs of the table at the joints with the side portions. Insert the side part and fix it with dowels in a familiar way. Attach the other part. Wait until the glue dries.

As a result of drilling and joining the side pieces to the table, its legs will have small holes. They can be eliminated with the help of sealer (wood filler). Gently wipe the place where there were defects using a sandpaper. Use sealant to further strengthen the joints.

Last step

The last step is a long grinding of the table and applying four layers of glossy white paint (or any other paint to your taste). Wait until the table is dry. And you can upload photos to the Internet and show off the results!

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