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Tips on Cleaning Furniture Upholstery

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If you favorite furniture piece got a stain on the upholstery it can be solved. Here, we present several tips on cleaning furniture upholstery!


Cleaning Furniture Upholstery Ideas

Furniture upholstery is very delicate piece that needs regular cleaning. If you need to remove the unwanted spots on your favorite furniture, here are some simple ideas to consider. Think about the type of fabric is this furniture made of, it can be: leather, suede, microfiber, cotton. Another important thing is to consider if your upholstery water or solvent-safe.


Number one idea is of course regular vacuum cleaning, however if the situation is urgent and there is an actual spot that needs to be removed, apply water-free solvent, because water can add stains. Of course it is better to ask a professional. If your upholstery can withstand water, use upholstery cleaner spray for microfiber. Other idea is to use steam cleaner, but carefully following the instructions. If your furniture has cover, avoid machine washing it as it might shrink, discolor and the texture might be ruined. Of course it is best not to stain the furniture and clean it as often as possible.



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