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Thread Bench by Ola Giertz

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In your childhood, have you ever tried to make something valuable from unused wires? Well, it seems that Ola Giertz made an achievement in that, with the unique Thread Bench!

Childish Bench

Swedish designer, Ola Giertz has recently presented an interesting furniture design, a bench to be precise. The bench doesn’t conform to the norms of normal furniture design, it doesn’t offer symmetry, stability and doesn’t tell much about your social status. Instead it reveals the inner child of yours that stays within you, even when you grow up!
The red thread bench is handmade, and made from massive metal bars, and to bend it in the peculiar way to resemble a thread or wire the designer used two types of forging: cold and warm. Of course that means that no two benches are exactly the same! The concept of the bench is very simple, yet very philosophical: Ola Giertz wanted to keep in touch with the inner child, that we seem to abandon when we grow up. The thread beanch therefore is very playish and childish, perfect for minimalistic interior, or for those who like conceptual furniture designs.

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