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The Chair: A Seat of Influence

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Transportable and comfortable, chairs are used to frame space, direct user attention and assert power. How do we know this? Look at the way a conference room is set up: A chair at the head of the conference table is reserved for the head of the board. Do you remember the “Quiet Chair?” The chair that was tucked away in a corner for the naughty child serving his time out?

Chairs serve functional and social elements in contemporary society. A chair’s design and placement tells us how it’s used and who is intended to use it. In our own home, we design the function of our rooms based on the furniture we equip each space with. Our office has a desk, the living room a sofa, and the dining room a table. But each of these spaces also almost always comes with a chair. Let’s take a look at four rooms for four chairs and their function in the home.

The Home Office

Office chair

Jam Swivel Chair

For those of us who work remotely, our home office is a space dedicated to focus and attention. But working from home makes for some blurred lines. You can have the laundry going and the baby napping all while you work on your company’s spreadsheets. To maintain the level of professionalism you would have if in the company office, you need the design of the room to reflect its use. What does every office need? A comfortable, sleek desk chair.

Rated one of Elle Decor’s 10 Best Office Chairs, the ergonomically designed Eames Aluminum Management Chair adapts to the sitter’s body type and provides comfort all day. The chair’s sleek design is fitted with an aluminum frame and base with black upholstery, keeping your office space looking professional and clean. If we’re sitting in an uncomfortable and worn chair at our desk, we’re more likely to make excuses to get up and stretch and take longer breaks. An office chair that supports your physical needs keeps you working long and steady.

The Living Room


Bess Armchair

The living room is the social hub of the house. It’s where we go after a day’s hard work to enjoy time with family or time just to ourselves. Whether we’re huddled around the TV watching the latest installment of “Vinyl” or reading a guilty pleasure, we do it all from our favorite seat in the house.

Our favorite chair is the wingback. One of the larger living room chairs, the wingback is characterized by its tall back and winged sides providing armrests for the sitter. The Danforth Chair designed my Gus Modern is a modern redesign of the traditional wingback chair. Made from industrial materials like polyester and stainless steel, the Danforth Chair is categorized by its cutaway arm silhouette and uninterrupted tubular steel base. A wingback chair will anchor the living space by offsetting the largesse of the sofa and coffee table. For a balanced living room, the wingback chair is the clear choice.

The Dining Room

Dining chairs

Parisienne Chair

Hosting a good dinner party requires the seating to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable and relaxed. If your guests are fidgeting about in their chairs, chances are the seats aren’t very supportive. If a chair creaks or is wobbly, no one is going to want to stay at that table for very long, no matter how good the food is.

The aesthetic appeal of a dining room is only as strong as its functionality, and fortunately for us, design company Calligaris figured that out. The Bess Low Chair, made out of soft, durable and easy-to-clean fabric, this straight-lined and angular chair is designed with a solid wood base, making rickety chairs an issue of the past.

When we walk into our house we know immediately which room we’re going to and where we’re going to sit. It’s all about the chair.

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