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“Sweet” Furniture by Matthias Borowski

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Designer Matthias Borowski has created a series of furniture reminiscent of increased in size pastry. The designer represents Kollektiv Plus Zwei studio. His furniture looks like candy and can be used as chairs and tables.

Candy Furniture by Matthias Borowski

The significance of the obvious, furniture collection by Matthias Borowski

The significance of the obvious, furniture collection by Matthias Borowski

Matthias has decided to make his student work based on the transformation of different materials, linking all this with the culinary process, where the transformation often happens. Creating ottomans, tables and sofas in the form of lozenges and jelly sweets, the designer tried to convey the properties and characteristics of products through color and texture.

According to Borowski, he gave his creations this kind of look to operate all five human senses. The designer had to experiment a lot with different materials until he got the “sweet effect”. Through these experiments, Borowski has found out that plastic is incredibly malleable. It is flexible to work with and it can be put in layers, creating different patterns that are typical for candies and cakes.

Exploring the candy, I realized that the materials, of which they are made, are often artificial. So plastic, in my opinion, is the equivalent,” Borowski said.

He also used other materials to create the effect of nut nougat and caramel, such as wood and transparent resin with colored pigments. The designer chose resin and wood as materials for creating nougat. Layered candies are made ​​of several layers of transparent resin impregnated with dyes.

Jelly coffee table is made of a transparent resin and pigments. Nougat effect was achieved through the opaque resin and wood, which simulates the nuts,” the designer says.

Furniture “sweets” were developed by Matthias for his master’s thesis entitled ‘The significance of the obvious’ that he is going to defend at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the “Contextual Design” course.

I should add that it is not the first project of Matthias inspired by sweets. In May 2013 Borowski has presented a collection of furniture made of edible caramel, dark and white chocolate and bags of beans.


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