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Sprung Chair by Jason Klenner

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This post presents to you the amazing Sprung Chair, designed by New Zealand based designer, Jason Klenner. Discover the intriguing secrets of this incredible chair.

Unusual Dynamic Chair

Available in limited edition, the Sprung chair is a unique blend of concept, material and craft. Presenting the vivid, lime colored chair, shaped like a glove, the designer made a statement of new forms of chair making. Using original materials like elastic cords and a flat plastic sheet, that was unthinkable to be used previously, Klenner wanted to discover how the human body interacts with different materials, creating a unique “responsive” furniture.

The Sprung chair is made out of 65 meters of hand-stitched elastic shock cord, and bright yellowish green sheet. The futuristic and a bit funky design of the chair speak nothing of its intriguing qualities, like of bouncing up and down, creating a kinesthetic conversation between the body and the chair, which brings furniture making to the whole new interactive level.

The experience of seating on this kind of chair gives the person a whole new range of emotions, if compared to traditional chair designs. It is intriguing to notice the transformation of the furniture piece and the seating person, because the 2 dimensional seating is transformed and slightly bouncing off the person. Unfortunately currently, the Sprung Chair is available only in limited edition, however let us hope that the technology would allow the mass production sometime soon.

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