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Spaghetti Bench by French Designer

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Artist Pablo Reinoso of Argentine origin is working with different shapes and materials. His original shoes of molded wood and spaghetti bench excite the attention of the public. In his childhood, little Pablo was taught carpentry skills by his own grandfather, who was a handyman and a great lover of art.

Original View of Furniture by French Designer

Spaghetti bench by Pablo Reinoso

Spaghetti bench by Pablo Reinoso

Reinoso made his first chair in the age of seven. Generally, various pieces of furniture, especially chairs, became his calling card. Then he studied at the University of Buenos Aires (at the time Pablo was fascinated by architecture). He was dreaming of an exciting future in the field of design.

Since 1979, the artist lives and works in Paris. He became famous for installations and sculptures made ​​of traditional materials, such as metal, stone and wood. Since 1995, his creative arsenal replenished with installations using a variety of yarns. In the 90’s he found interest in making bottles for perfume. The artist commercialized the process of his work, but without sacrificing artistic principles.

Spaghetti bench by Pablo Reinoso

Spaghetti bench by Pablo Reinoso

Impressive project “Spaghetti bench” is an original hymn to furniture. In addition to its absolute utilitarian use (you can sit on the bench), the installation pleases with its appearance and originality of design.

Critic Patricia Avena Navarro said, that his work consists of many components. It is autobiographical. And there is a connection with the history of art and the world of psychoanalysis. His work is the absolute triumph of the image, according to Patricia Avena Navarro. Reinoso’s works were presented at many international exhibitions, including the Biennale of Venice, Art Basel, FIAC (Paris), ARCO (Madrid), and many others.

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