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Shelving Kid’s Room and Advices

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Shelving the kid’s room helps to add decorative accents to the room design and improve decorating ideas with good advices. Every kids’ room has corners that are awkward places to decorate. We can consider and look at two types of shelving, wall shelves and corner shelves.

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves that create a pretty storage spaces for kids’ toys and books are space saving and attractive kids’ room decorating ideas. Small corner shelves are great for utilize the empty spaces and creating functional kids room design with sufficient storage.

Corner book shelves make kids room decorating brighter with more comfortable. DIY corner wall shelves give an opportunity to personalize kid’s room design with existing toys, decorations and books, and add a favorite color to room decor while saving space and transforming children bedrooms into inviting rooms.

Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving

There are various corner shelves available to buy for the project, but even simple and small wooden shelves for a corner make a big difference in kid’s room decorating, adding more storage space for toys and books.

Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving

Creating this corner shelf unit is simple and quick.  Wood is a natural material that is great for kid’s room decorating and ecofriendly ideas. Natural wood is a popular and very decorative material that allows flexibility for color design and experimenting with finishes.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a perfect decorative accent and design solution for any blank wall, as well as a functional and helpful storage tool for organizing and displaying a wide range of home accessories throughout your home. What is great about wall shelves is that they can work in any room of the house, as well as any size and shape of room. Whether you are choosing custom wall shelves perfectly designed to fit your space, or opting for a self-contained wall cubby for your entryway, there are an infinite number of wall shelf types and styles. Although the shelves can be interchangeable when it comes to application, following a few guidelines when it comes to selecting wall shelf styles and materials can prove to be beneficial.

Wal Shelving

Wall Shelving

There are many types of wood shelves that are ready to be used for kids room decorating. Oak and pine wall shelves are wonderful for kid’s room design, as they are practical, durable and inexpensive while creating a convenient and spectacular storage for kids toys and books.

Wood Shelves

Wood Shelves

One of the greatest things about wall shelves is that they get your things off the floor and organize them at eye level. Not only do you keep your floors clutter-free, but also you are then able to admire all of your acquired and collected precious trinkets at a closer glance, as well as keep them at a safer distance from the floor.

Shelving Advices

What are you planning to put on the shelves?

Are you planning to line framed artwork against the wall? A photo or book ledge would be best for keeping prints in place. The lip in the front of the shelves will secure the frames on the shelf and perfectly angle the art for viewing. Heavier and more substantial objects require stronger brackets and shelves in order to prevent from sagging. It is a good idea also to mount the shelves on wall studs. For displaying a collection, tiered shelves will keep all of your valuables in a single line of vision, as intended. Shelves designed for storing books or DVDs could benefit from linear floating designs with dividers and built in bookends for organization.

What effect do you want your shelves to make on a space?

Freestanding, or floating, shelves have interior mounting systems that enable them to appear as if they simply float on the walls, without any distracting or unattractive hardware. Shelves with decorative mounting brackets are more rustic and can even border on utilitarian. By exposing the hardware that makes the shelves work, you create more of an industrial and architecturally driven space.


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