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Ru-Ju Stool

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Hey do you need some life buoy to save you from drowning in the current designer picks? Here is a stylish Ru Ju stool that looks like a buyo, but it is actually a furniture!

Creative Bamboo Stool

Ru Ju is not just stool, it represents an ancient craft of bamboo bending, and of course of concept of contemporary art twists. Designed by Taiwan based artist Yu-Fen Lo as a circular, not so flat life buyo resembling furniture. Notice how the legs of the stool are connected with the seating: right they literally evolve from the ribbon like decor to being legs!
If you scratch your head and think how on earth is this possible, don’t think too hard: it is ancient secret of bamboo bending craft! Well, of course, Yu-Fen Lo didn’t mean the stool to be similar to buyo, because he designed the stool to be resembling ancient jade coin, but it doesn’t really look like coin from those perspectives. What do you see in that chair?


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