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Revolutionary Chair: iRock

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Do you like iGadgets, and enjoy surrounding yourself with these needfull equipments? How about this revolutionary furniture, the classic rocking chair that is also charging up yout gadgets?!

When Tradition Meets Technology

Imagine yourself on one evening night, with the crackling fire nearby, a cup of hot chocolate near by and great book keeping you away. A perfect english scenery, right? Well, except that the rocking chair you lull yourself to sleep is the iRock, an exceptional chair by Micasa Lab. With the help of this chair, you can actually power up your ipad, and continue reading, browsing internet or whatever you were doing!
The chair is actually works by using a generator mounted under the rocking chair, which makes possible for iRock to make use of the kinetic energy generated by the chair and use it to charge an iPad! This amazing chair is made from the traditional material: pinewood, and is available in several color choices: white, pink, blue, green and black. Beside the generator, the iRock chair is equipped with a battery that charges when the iPad isn’t mounted and also a set of built it speakers. You would be surprised, but chair is also able to reproduce real sounds from 8 types of old rocking chair! However, for those of you iGadget fans, hold on, the chair will be available in 2014 only! A true story of tradition meeting with technology!

iRock Chair

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