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REK Expanding Bookcase

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If you are an avid book lover, probably your library collection grows day by day. This means you are clueless on where to put the rest of the books, because there is no much space any longer. Especially for people like you Reinier de Jong has introduced a bookcase that can expand, as your library grows!

Amazing Self Expanding Bookcase

Imagine a furniture that changes its initial look once you have acquired it, and of course we don’t talk here about its getting stained or some other nuisance. It grows as you acquire new stuff, so that you can locate the new items! That is the story behind REK Expanding Bookcase by Reinier de Jong.
Well, the bookcase initial form is challenged and distorted upon request and some force. The REK bookcase concept is not very new, as something alike was introduced a year ago. However, this new updated version of a self-expanding bookcase is now made from totally recycled HPL finish by Abet Laminati: “It is light grey with a texture that people associate with fine concrete or grey cardboard. A lot easier to transport but above all, easier to slide. We have also improved the guidance and added a stop, making sure the parts do not slide out too far.”
The bookcase can be arranged and made appropriate for your library. There are some narrow spaces for magazines, along the wide space for books. The dimensions of this new REK are the same, but the weight now is 8 kg. The maximum dimensions of REK are: 202 x 228 x 36 cm.
Living in a world of digital information, we no longer need so much space for storing our knowledge. However, there are still some priceless books, which need to be in hardcopy, despite the fact that you can buy them online. As cleverly pointed out by Reinier de Jong Says de Jong, “…[books are] No longer functional carriers of information but rather artifacts representing one’s identity. It is not so much about the quantity of books anymore but what counts is a well-considered selection of quality books.” Can’t argue with that, can’t you?

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