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Plot by Osko Deichman

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If you are tired of the blurry, wintery cold nights and days, you need some color infusion to get yourself together! Here is some vibrant bright inspiration of simple, yet amazing minimalistic furniture designs – the Plot by Osko Deichman company!

Plot Seating Collection

Have you ever noticed that sometimes to get awaken from the dull boring everyday sleep, you just need something bright to enter your vision field? This might be something big, or small- but definitely catching your attention! Well, Plot seating collection is definitely this type of attention grabbing object! Made from a series of seating cushions, it is bursting with color and life! However, there is a little story hiding behind it. Plot is an exceptional furniture collection presented by German designing company Osko+Deichmann made possible for the manufacturer Brunner. If you take a closer look, you will see that this furniture is actually a seating scheme, perfect for socializing and time spending of any sorts.
Isn’t that an exciting color combination? By the way, the Plot seating can be arranged in different designs, and you would be surprised to know that these are inspired by the natural landscape views that can be found in nature in many forms. Particularly it is inspired by cascaded formations in nature, and can be used in multiple variations. Actually the collection is composed of different modules, which can be composed in any way you like it. However, as you have probably guessed, the seating collection is not to be used in conventional interior designs, like shabby chic or traditional decorations. The Plot seating collection is most suitable for the big indoor spaces, such as a hotel lobby, or airport waiting area or even a university setting! However, as mentioned above, the set can be customized by individual request. Each seating cushion is designed keeping great comfort in mind, and actually can be used in minimalistic interior designs in residential complexes, or futuristic designs – anything modern that doesn’t restrict furniture forms and colors.

Plot Seating Furniture

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