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Plastic in Interior: Furniture and Decor

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Using of plastic in interior is a cause for debate among designers. Some believe that the inexpensive and practical plastic is the future of interior design, as it is a budget and actual alternative to wooden furniture. Others prefer natural materials, rejecting synthetic analogues.

Furniture and Decor Made of Plastic

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture

Nevertheless, today designers from around the world are increasingly producing collections of furniture, wholly or partly made ​​of plastic. We’ll show you why plastic can be useful for you.

Some history

Plastic in interior design began to be used in the middle of the last century. People used it so enthusiastically that by the 60s this material has experienced its first boom. This is partly explained by the fact that the world community quickly restored war-ravaged economy.

And if before the plastic used only for the manufacture of household items, then now designers saw the potential of this material to create unusual and striking pieces of furniture.

However, after two decades the plastic became a subject of argues. People found it toxic in the long term, toxic when burning and short-lived.  The claims to the material were coming not only from environmentalist, but also from designers, who noticed that the aged plastic looks quite unpresentable.

Today’s plastic

Today, all the furniture and decor items made ​​of plastic have the prefix “eco”. On the market there are several types of polyethylene, polypropylene and polycarbonate, recognized safe compared to its predecessors. This plastic “breathes” and is involved in the re-utilization by allocating a minimum of toxic products.

In addition, there are less claims to the appearance of the material: with the help of plastic, you can create an imitation of wood and stone, opaque or transparent household items. The range of colors and textures of plastic is expanding every day.

Today’s plastic is heat-resistant and feels great even in the kitchen – it does not afraid of burn and scratch.

Furniture and decor

Actual plastic items are more often used as elements of high-tech style, but easily fit in the other modern interiors. Furniture of plastic is often combined with products from other materials, creating unique author’s interiors. And while the futuristic furniture of crazy shades are still considered exotic, the tables and chairs made ​​of transparent plastic long settled in the dining rooms and home offices.

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