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Peacock Chair by UUfie

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Like the children who play with paper, just notching and folding it, experts from UUfie, the Canadian architectural company, decided to play with acrylic composite. The game turned out to be quite meaningful and uniquely productive. As a result the designers managed to create a work of art of a single piece of composite material.

Amazing Peacock Chair

Peacock Chair made of a single sheet of acrylic composite by UUfie

Peacock Chair made of a single sheet of acrylic composite by UUfie

Japanese-Canadian duo of architects Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan were inspired by nature, blooming tropical flowers and peacocks, spreading their chic tails. They carved a chair out of a single sheet of acrylic composite and named it Peacock.

Eiri Ota says that except for the peacock the chair is close enough to the image of the burgeoning flower. Acrylic composite is easily exposed, but requires a considerable amount of manipulation. Peacock chair comes in three variants: big, small and in a limited edition of unique colors.

Founded their design agency UUfie in Toronto in 2009, before having worked for five years in Aoki & Associates, the Tokyo architectural office, Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan are very successfully engaged in industrial design, furniture design of private and public interiors, and architecture.

The process of inventing and manufacturing chairs really looked like a children’s game – designers  cut and combined sheet of thin acrylic composite in many different ways till they found the form, which is convenient to sit in and looks interesting.

Acrylic composite is practically an eternal material, easily modified and very durable. The only difficulty is that it is needs to be worked with very quickly, firmly and accurately. Soft composite is literally stretched by arms. Then it solidifies within a few minutes. Therefore, the designers call the chair “the moment of beauty and happiness frozen in the hands.”

Despite the apparent fragility and delicacy the Peacock chair is very strong and can easily withstand the weight of a person, perhaps even two. Near a light source the chair casts a spectacular shadow.

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