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Pause Indoor Hut

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Remember, when you were young you might have had a special hideout place, where you used to play? Well, perhaps having a hidden motivation of creating such a place, Maurizio Prina has created a Pause Indoor Hut, which is a perfect indoor hideout!

Cute Indoor Hideout

A young and aspiring designer, Maurizio Prina has created an unusual project, that would allow to have a little cute hideout inside the actual house. Maurizio Prina was born in Biella, and got his artistic degree in Novara and an Industrial Design class at the European Institute of Design of Milan. He worked with such design companies as Aroundesign studio and Matteo Ragni’s studio, however since 2012 he also started working as a freelance designer. Maurizio Prina has interest in designing furniture, lamps and furnishing accessories.
The Pause Indoor Hut is a little module, with cushions and cloth shields in different colors of blue that will provide you with additional privacy. The metal frames are shaping a house like hut, with colored cloth which draping the hut, and this can serve as a relaxation place, reading place, napping place, even outdoor furniture. Imagine being out by the waterside and being in the shade of the blue fabric, which by the way can be reconfigured, enjoying the water breeze, the sunshine that can’t hurt you. The Pause hut can even be used as a little guest room, inside any other room. The module was conceived as a place where anybody can relax, read, rest. The “Pause Hut” is made possible Made by Cattai snc + Vittorio Buratto, conceptualized by Maurizio Prina for manufacturer Casa Europa. Here is the official information from the creator, Maurizio Prina:

“These days coziness is a very rare luxury, so I’ve thought about a space where anybody can relax, read, rest and even have guests. Where anybody can feel at home. You can change the colors and combine them. The name is a declaration of intent and it has a meaning in different languages: pause.”

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