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Papasan Chair Design

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Looking for perfect outdoor furniture to suit your relaxation purposes in the outdoors and indoors? Well, a Papasan chair, bowl-shaped furniture is ideal for this: it is perfect for sitting in the outdoors, perfect for taking a nap, perfect for relaxing with a good book out in the yard. Originally designed in 1950’s, it has reached the peak of its popularity during the 1970’s. Traditionally, the bowl sits in the upright frame made of rattan or wicker. Although the design is quite traditional, there are many variations of the same chair, including the different cushion types, various frames and even materials.

Papasan Chair For Indoors & Outdoors

Papasan Chair In Outdoors

The history of a Papasan chair spans for more than 50 years, and as you can guess the original form and materials have been altered to suit the contemporary stylish needs. The wicker or rattan was replaced with metal frames, the cushions became more exquisite. The base can be with a wide-bottom or it can have simple metal frames, either way the concept of a soft cushion laying on top stays the same.

The satellite chair, as it is sometimes called is very easy to maintain as the cushion is not attached to the frame. This factor is especially important for the outdoor use, as it tends to get dirty much faster than indoors. Moreover, this amazing chair type can also be used for various interior purposes. Traditionally, as a very simple chair in design it has been used for dorm rooms or kid’s room, however, with developing of various designs the Papasan chairs are becoming widely used in very sleek and classy interiors.

Tieney Haines Architects Papasan Chair

Papasan Chair By Tiney Haines

For example, Dublin-based Tieney Haines Architects has re-invisioned the Papasan chair, by removing the classy drum-shaped base and placing a wooden frame with three legs. The satellite chair has a totally new appearance. Another conceptually altered Papasan chair was presented by Lina Bo Bardi  who introduced the Bardi’s Bowl chair as futuristic and sleek interior piece. Isn’t that exciting how many various types of Papasan chairs have evolved? Do you like the Papasan chair designs?

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