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Paco Camus Furniture

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Do you like exquisite furniture? And do you like sophisticated furniture designs? How about having both in the same piece? Well, this is certainly presented in the Paco Camus Furniture designs!

Exquisite Private Collection

This exquisie private collection of amazing furniture was presented in summer of 2012, with a line of stunning furniture. Quite recently the collection was granted another masterpiece, the Voltaire desk. All of the collection pieces are made from solid american walnut, and breathe of individuality, style and luxury!

Paco Camus private collection includes pieces such as Agripa& Agrippina,Volanzas, Copernicus, Esgrimas, Giorgio drawer, Hercules, Lady Sting, Luxor table, Ornella, Sara Bond, Sforza, Viperus and recently the Voltaire desk! Some of the furniture pieces are so extravagant that it is hard to tell what function they serve. However most of this luxurios walnut furniture are of course either tables or chairs, but to be honest some of the pieces look like they have been designed by H.R. Giger. Nevertheless, the Paco Camus private collection is highly artistic, eqxuisite, and lucky for some people it is avalaible for sale.

Paco Camus Private Collection


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