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Wire Furniture

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Wire furniture has become more and more popular nowadays. It is something cool, it is something new, it is something fun, and with the current technology of powder coating, this furniture has become absolutely weatherproof too. The shapes are modern and linear.

In the 19th century, the coming of mass-produced metal wire gave increase to a new category of furnishings designed for gardens and greenhouses. The charm of wire furniture remains strong. As a decorator, David Kleinberg says, “It is lightweight, durable, and transportable.” The spacious, linear forms can emphasize a space. This kind of furniture can make you think of line drawing by Matisse or Ellsworth Kelly.

Take a look at some of the wire furniture samples and decide whether you would like to own any.

Wire Tables

Wire Coffee Tables

Spider Looking Table

Spider Looking Table

If you try to look at this table upside down, you will probably see a big spider with very long legs standing on the red mat. This is what came to my mind first when I saw this table. This coffee table would greatly look good in any room of your house, or at any patio, porch, or any outdoor living space.
Felt Clock

Wire and Black Walnut

This coffee table can easily match any exterior. It has solid American black walnut or white Oak tops, hardwearing wax oil finish.

Wire Accent Table

Felt Clock

A Great Accent to the Exterior

This table definitely catches an eye by its shape and being constructed from wire. It brings mid-century style to transitional exteriors.

Wire Dining Table

Felt Clock

Classic and Unique

This beautiful wire dining table is a famous design by Warren Platner. It is suitable for outdoor use, as well as indoors. It is made from stainless steel. It is innovative and strikingly handsome. Warren Platner’s dining table has become an icon of 20th century design, and this refined replica is true to the original design.

Sculptural Wire Table

Felt Clock


Humpty or small side table? If you are searching for a welcoming furniture, this table can act out this role. It is made from iron, something in black but not overtaking the space. The wires are well tightened and very sturdy. Antiqued bronze iron wire is hand-woven in a precise spiral around a steel frame to form geometric spokes radiating from the top. Conversational side table, additional seating option or cluster several together as a coffee table.

Wire Chairs

Dining Chair

Felt Clock

Paper Clip Inspired

Inspired by the humble paper clip, the factuality of wire is given a new twist. With its clean and modern form, the Wire Chair is finished in white powder-coated or stainless steel. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Replica Eames DKR Wire Chair

Felt Clock

Simple and Stylish

This kind of chairs can be used in all kinds of situations, at home, indoors and outdoors, cafes, restaurants, waiting areas and training rooms. For the design of the Wire Chair (1951) Charles and Ray Eames used the shape of the famous Fiberglass Chair. With their innovative use of humble steel wire the Eames’ created an original and groundbreaking design. The use of wire makes the chair light and transparent, producing the impression of a three-dimensional metallic drawing.

Warren Platner Style Dining Chair

Felt Clock

Bond 007

A seat of this chair is in the style of James Bond 007 movie, Quantum of Solace. Bond may not have stopped to appreciate this chair’s perfect style origin, with its modernist stainless steel lines and splendid cushioning, but you can. It can be good for fine dining or lounging with a cocktail.

Masonry Wire Chair

Felt Clock

Spacy Chair

The Masonry Wire Chair inspired by Harry Bertoia’s 1950 experiment with bending metal rods into practical art produced a revered collection of seating. Innovative, comfortable and strikingly handsome, The Masonry Wire Chair’s delicate appearance belies its strength and durability. A classic, modern design that enhances any environment this chair remains a fascinating study in bent metal and a fixture of mid-century design.  This modern wire chair is suitable for the outdoors and great for restaurants, lounges, reception areas, living rooms and dining.

Storage Units

Industrial Storage Unit

Felt Clock

Comfy and Useful

Raw and rather cool metal rack with three separate sections that are encased in wire and you get an additional top shelf.  It rests upon legs and so is lifted off the floor to make it more graceful.  This would be ideal in your hallway for stowing away shoes, bags and a place for your hats on the roof, or place it in your bedroom to serve as open and easy access to clothing.  It would work equally well in your study for books, papers and folders or in the kitchen for food, water and wine.

Modular Wire Shelving

Felt Clock

Great for Outdoor Kitchen

This lovely three-bin wire shelf and tall and low modular units will provide a clean solution for any messy situation. Lightweight with a small footprint, the wire units will organize any room in the house. It can be very good for the outdoor kitchen.

Three Shelf Kitchen Cabinet with Wine Rack

Felt Clock

Wire Cabinet

You can accent your kitchen or dining area with this charming kitchen cabinet. It is crafted with a combination of metal and wood with a tobacco oak finish, it has a stunning two-tone look. Three shelves offer plentiful storage space, with two tiered top shelves and a bottom wire shelf. Two drawers provide space for tucking away accessories and small items, and a low set wine rack allows you to put your favorite spirits on display.

Wire Sofas and Benches

Felt Clock

Make Your Patio Look Good

This mushroom looking sofa can surely attract you, since the shape is unique and different from what we used to see, when we think of the sofas. The lines of wire on the back of the sofa remind the lines of the outer side of the mushroom top and the spots on the fabric of cushioning gives it more look of an amanita.

Back to Back Sofas

Felt Clock

Patio or Porch Wire Sofa

Back to back sofas are great in the outdoor lounge. It is great for eating, reading, and just sitting outdoors. Especially, when they are near the shore where you can breeze fresh air while sitting and enjoying the view.

Amberst Wire Bench

Felt Clock

Classic Bench

This one only looks vintage! Lots of scrolls and a protective finish make for a more modern look. A cute and neat bench will give a gentle and playful touch to your outdoors.

Miniature Garden Bench

Felt Clock

Garden Bench

What a lovely miniature bench! It can be decorated with the garden miniature sculptures, either around it or on it. If you have small kids around, they will always definitely sit on it and get a great pleasure.


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  1. Denise Malcolm
    April 14, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    I am very interested in the wire storage units, short and tall. Please send me pricing, shipping and delivery information.

    Thanks you so much.

  2. Michelle Earp
    April 1, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    Hi there, i’m interested in the black wire and walnut coffee table.
    Can you send me pricing, shipping and delivery information.

  3. Mona Liz
    April 8, 2016 at 1:39 am

    Hey, Michelle,
    You can buy it off of It costs £875.00 and also comes in oak. They ship to UK and Europe. The US stockist is Hudson Interionational but I couldn’t find this particular design on their site. Try contacting Dare Studio for more info.