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Old Tires Furniture Collection

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Italian designer Giacomo Mondini offered a completely different continuation of life of old tires. The tires turned out of useless junk into the original and stylish home furnishings – coffee tables and ottomans seating collection called Tavomatico – are perfect for both home and office, as well as for social and entertainment public places.

Old Tires Furniture Collection by Giacomo Mondini

Tavomatico collection of recycled tires furniture by Italian designer Giacomo Mondini

Tavomatico collection of recycled tire furniture by Italian designer Giacomo Mondini 

Reincarnation of a tire to modern furniture comes without too much difficulty. First, each tire goes through cleaning and processing, in order to get rid of dirt and distinct rubber smell. Then the tire is covered with a special compound that makes the surface smooth or velvety to the touch. As for the colors, the designer gave preference to sapful and bright shades. Countertops for tables are made ​​of plexiglass and for puffs a central hole in the lid is filled with cloth filler cushion. Each piece of furniture is equipped with wheels.

General practice of recycling is useful and also fun. It’s widespread and popular. However, many of such projects look great just on paper and in pictures. In practice, they are completely dysfunctional, and do not bring any benefit or aesthetic pleasure. In case of the Tavomatico collection of designer furniture it is a quite different situation.

Turning a wheel  into a modern, stylish furniture is not simple, but at the same time it is not very difficult. The designer cover a tire with a plexiglass sheet, which plays the role of a countertop, or fills it with a rag  bag to make an unusual chair ottoman. Each new piece of furniture has wheels. Bright colors of the furniture give a cheerful, festive mood, and that is why the room looks cozy and the atmosphere seems warm and friendly, which is also important.


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