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Old Sewing Machine Repurposed

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Do you know how many options are there of a spectacular vintage furniture can be made of the base of an old sewing machine? The answer is – a lot of furniture! But we chose the most interesting of them,such as a table. It is a furniture item that is needed in any home. On the other hand, a table made of an old sewing machine is the simpliest vintage furniture, you can improvise with his own hands.

5 Vintage Tables Made of Old Sewing Machines

Console table

Console table

We need a very old sewing machine with pedal and luxurious cast iron base (legs), which is a genuine vintage. Its condition is not important.

Console table

You can make an original table-console of the base of the sewing machine. As you know, a console table is a very compact version of a table. It will fit in almost any area, transform the space and add a touch of sophistication.

Garden table

A table made of a sewing machine can be placed on the front porch as a stand for flowers. Turn imagination and paint the countertop in an unexpected color.

Home office desk

What about an unusual desk made of a sewing machine? If you prefer conciseness, you can turn a simple board into a tabletop. It can be painted in your favorite color together with the base. But if your soul needs frills, attach a top of the old desk to a forged bottom. You will have a thing worthy of heirloom.

Serving table

Your home is undoubtedly worthy of the best and exclusive furniture, including kitchen or dining room. How about a serving table of the same old sewing machine? Make wooden ledges or set a roomy wooden tray on top, attach the wheels – and enjoy a new convenient serving table for the kitchen.

Kitchen table

This table can be useful also as a kitchen island, a pantry, and as a mini-bar in the dining room.


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