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Old Piano Renovation

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Many had a situation, when their child began to play music, and they had to buy a piano. But if the child inherited an old, badly battered piano, which is a pity to throw away, then one way out is its restoration. In order to take the piano on the restoration, you need to carry it to the workshop of a restorer and then bring it back after the restoration.

How to Renovate Old Piano

Renovated piano

Renovated piano

If you do not have a lot of money to hire movers and pay for restoration, then you can renovate your old piano with your own hands. But for that you will need experience in cleaning and repainting furniture or desire to learn it.

So here’s the process of the restoration of the piano:

– remove wooden parts, all 4 pieces (covers), cover the other parts by a polythene film and size it with a masking tape to prevent damage;

– clean the surface of dirt, stains and polish; use the finest sandpaper for by the upper layer, and trim with turpentine.

– Paint the piano and cover it with varnish.

However, there are some questions: How to glaze wood, that there was no effect of putty? What materials should be used to get a durable surface?

Wood should be glazed with the sawdust from the same wood. When disassembling the piano, it must first be sanded off the varnish. Then you need to sand it with a fine sandpaper to ideal smoothness by gentle circular movements. Do not throw the sanddust and collect it in a cup. Then, adding a colorless varnish for furniture, pulp and stir gently the resulting mixture. If the mixture is not enough or you do not want to do a homemade putty, then buy a special putty for wood.

Renovated piano

Renovated piano

After sanding, paint the piano with a gloss paint and apply a varnish. Use acrylic or polyurethane. They do not give a yellow tint.

As for colored lacquer, this effect is applicable in airbrushing. It is called “candy effect”. Such a coating may be made only with a professional equipment.

Cracked mesh, which is called “patina” will also look very nice if coupled with golden trowel.


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