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Old Chair Renovations

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We all have an old wooden friend lurking somwehere in the closet, that is just waiting for a second chance. Especially dedicated to all broken and forgotten chairs, this is all about old chair renovation!

Old Chair Makeover

Old chairs doesn’t have to be thrown away, they can be given a second chance! Here we present several ideas for a wonderful makeover, starting with a seatless belt chair.
For the project you will need old chair, painting or staining supplies, furniture tacks, old belts (about 20). First you will need to sand the chair and stain or paint it. After it is dry, start attaching belts. The trick is in weaving the belts in perpendicular manner. To attach the belts, you need to sort of fold them and with a hammer secure them with furniture tacks. Once you are done with belts, you new chair is all new again, and how stylish it looks now!
Another chair makeover, is of an old wooden piece that looks really worn out. For this project you will need an old chair, sanding paper, paint, fabric for a chair cushion, foam, sewing kit and iron. First step is of course sanding and painting the chair.
Now, to choose color, think what would suit best your interior. Like someone chose white and blue. Whatever your choice, paint the chair. Now, while it dries, let’s make a cushion. Measure the chair seat and cut out the fabric with some extra inches. Sew two parts together and iron the future cushion.
Insert the foam, and complete the cushion case. By the way, don’t forget about the little strings, by which you will attach the cushion to the seat. Voila, and it is done!


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