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Ode To Furniture: Everything You Need To Know About Furnishing Your Interior

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Even if you’re not a decorating expert you’d be safe to assume that furniture is a huge part of an interior design. Furniture can shape the style of your interior and express your personal character and taste. It’s not merely an embodiment of certain function. There are so many things that have to do with it and that it, the furniture can tell about you or the house.

Furnishing Your Interior

Dining chair

Overgaard & Dyrman – Wire Dining Chair

There are a lot of furniture brands and designers that experiment and redefine the everyday pieces and try to capture all the different trends and even express complex ideas and concepts through their designs. All you have to do is set aside a furnishing budget and prioritize some pieces over the others. Today, buying or rather decorating with furniture sets isn’t as popular, so this gives you the freedom to mix and match high-end pieces and cheaper, thrift store finds or even DIY projects.

Buy quality furniture pieces if you’ll be using them a lot like a bed or a sofa. These have to be sturdy and since they’re usually bigger the bulk of your interior furnishing will look more expensive. Other pieces aren’t really worth the investment unless you’re absolutely smitten with them. Otherwise, you can simply replace them every three or five years and give your interior a makeover.

Furnishing is easier when you know what you want/need and what your backdrop looks like, so be sure to prep your walls and floors before buying furniture. If you are painting your walls, be sure to buy furniture that fits your overall color scheme. Wallpaper is trickier but you can choose a color from its pattern to pair and complement with your furniture. Take all the required measurements of each room to ensure your new bed or table will fit the allocated space.

Finally, when you’re arranging your furniture, try different combinations. Create convenient pathways and fill in the awkward angles to make the big picture look good.

Furniture As Art

Globe Furniture

Globe Furniture By Peter Opsvik

As I said though furniture isn’t only about purpose and function anymore. It can be art in itself and if you have enough money, you could afford not thinking about a particular piece as functional. It may simply be a sculpture, an art object, or a conversation starter. You could create a furniture museum with modern furniture pieces if you wanted to.

But you don’t even have to choose between function and aesthetics of your furniture. There are amazing designs that have both and then some. There are pieces made in a form of desserts, bird cages, and animals; futuristic designs that look like nothing else on this planet, and furniture made of clear plastic that looks like glass.

This type of ‘designer’ furnishings will run you a pretty sum but will definitely pay off in terms of giving your interior extra style points and increasing its photogeneity.

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