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Nomi Highchair for Children of Different Ages

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Peter Opsvik, the author of the most popular children’s highchair in the world, Tripp Trapp designed for the Norwegian company Stokke, has created its competitor. In cooperation with the Danish company Evomove the designer invented a new highchair for children, called Nomi.

Nomi Highchair for Children of Different Ages by Peter Opsvik

Nomi highchair for children by Peter Opsvik

Nomi highchair for children by Peter Opsvik

The project concept is about the same. A lot of thought went into the design of the Nomi chair so that serve child from birth through adolescence. The designer says that the important thing, what he was thinking while creating Nomi, is the design, ergonomics, safety and functionality.

Nomi consists of a vertical shaft with various elements, which are mounted on the shaft, depending on the child’s age and his requirements. It starts from a cradle, in which a newborn baby is reclining on a par with adults, sitting at the table.

Later you can cling ergonomic seat, backrest, protective bumper and wide foot rest to the wooden “spine” of the Nomi chair at different levels. Over time, the protective bumper is removed, and the seat and footrest are adjusted in height, providing support to the spine and correct posture of the child.

Peter Opsvik designed the Nomi chair so that it could last for many years, until the time when the child finally grows to a conventional chair and can sit on it without dangling his feet in the air.

All replacement parts are made in rounded shapes of colored soft plastic, which is easy to clean and look great. The sculptural chair Nomi was just recently created, but has already won the prestigious Red Dot award in the field of industrial design: Best of the Best 2014.

Parents should also like the chair. It weighs only 11 pounds has small sturdy wheels, hidden in the base of the chair. Perhaps the chair looks not too reliable, but nevertheless Nomi is highly stable and reliable.


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