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Nautilus Table

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This post makes a discovery of a marine themed furniture: the Nautilus table designed by Marc Fisher for private collectors.

Natural Symmetry of a Nautilus

The Nautilus table by Marc Fish is an incredible blend of craft, wood, and natural perfection. While working on the project, Fish used materials such as Walnut, sycamore, some glass for the cover. The Nautilus table is a masterpiece in its own way, where the author has achieved an intriguing depth in a random furnishing object. Being mesmerized by the natural occurrence of symmetry, Fish is preoccupied with the vision of these perfect sea objects and their realization into the items we use in daily life. Thus, the chosen theme of Nautilus is not surprising at all, as this beautiful creature with a rich history, is an alive manifestation of Golden Ratio.

While his Nautilus table does seem a bit simple, a closer inspection would make you change your mind completely. Looking underneath the glass at the inner surface of table, you can notice the hard work and skill the author has devoted to his work. About 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer are layered to create the enigmatic beauty of the Nautilus, replicating the Japanese lace paper. What a work of art! In addition to this marine theme, lets say that the table is now located in the apartment overlooking the English Channel.


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