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Nature Inspired Washbasin

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If you are choosing the perfect washbasin for your bathroom, and are you inspired by nature, here are some examples of amazing nature inspired washbasins!

Unique Washbasins

Choosing a perfect basin can be quite a nuisance if you want to be original. These are several of the amazing and unique washbasins that will amaze you!
1. Abisko washbasin
Shaped in original flowing form, the Abisko washbasin is a reconceptualization of washbasins! This washbasin is made from marble by created by Swedish designer Johan Kauppi and distributed by Eumar. The original design complies with the simple hydrodynamics of nature.
2. Dune
This one is inspired by ever changing landscape of the Dunes. Designed by design from Omvivo, created by Thomas Coward and manufactured in Australia. these washbasinsa are trully exceptional and somewhat elegant. The washbasins come in two colors: black and white.
3. Calla lily-inspired bathroom suite
This one is a whole bathroom suite, inspired by the natural beauty of a Calla flower. The flowing forms present a very genuine and feminine design, that can be absolutely stunning. This bathroom suite is designed by Italian bath furniture design company Mastella.

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