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Multifunctional Furniture Sets

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Mutlifunctional furniture is gaining popularity in many aspects of our life. So, to keep pace with the contemporary and comfortable furnishing ideas, we present the most recent multipurpose furniture.

Mutlifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture

This post will introduce you to the most recent multipurpose furniture sets. The first in our list would be a Mister T furniture collection. Designed by Antoine Lesur, for the French company OXYO, this amazing furniture set is a dream comes true for a minimalistic mind. The collection includes two cushions, a basket and a little cover that can serve as a coffee table. The color palette is also very amusing, coming from vibrant green, touchy blue and concrete gray. This ultimate space savior would be a delightful sight in any interior, adding a touch of contemporary style to it.

Mutlifunctional furniture

Another in our list of multifunctional furniture sets is LEVEL table by Johan Lindsten. Surprisingly, this furniture set has been inspired by the Japanese Fukushima tragedy. The furniture set combines high tech applications and furniture: a lamp, a table, a vase, and even an IPhone charger, along with single drawer nightstand. In a minimum space world, having a single furniture piece that can be used as multipurpose is an amazing contribution to space saving. The table comes in many funky colors, or it can become all white night stand companion. Either way, it can be used separately for each function, with any color configuration.

Mutlifunctional furniture

Lastly, we introduce the GVAL chair collection. Designed by Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard, and Nenad Katic, in collaboration, GVAL chairs collection presents three pieces of furniture. There are two ottomans, which can easily be stored in the big hollow chair. The designers have specifically underlined the structure, that resembles the tree aging rings. This is an ecological statement, which is made to remind the society of the value of each tree.

Mutlifunctional furniture

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    June 4, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Please sent price of the multifunctional table/foot rest furniture