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Movable Furniture with Creative Design

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American designer Jillian Northrup specializes in designing complex and unusual furniture. But her job is not to promote her vision of furniture design. She is a specialist who knows how to most accurately understand and feel the customer in the whole complex of his living conditions, creative and business needs, features of the room, number of generic functions to be performed by the furniture. And today we offer you furniture made by Jillian Northrup for a private customer in San Francisco.

Movable Furniture from Ingenious American Designer

Furniture by Jillian Northrup

Furniture by Jillian Northrup

The customer’s studio apartment was small, but his interests were very diverse, as well as tastes. He required extravagant furniture that lets you quickly remodel the studio room for different tasks – from workshop to party-room. The second important point was that the customer was planning to order a warm floor and the furniture should not be bulky and heavy. The main focus was to make the required functionality of each furniture item: all tables and cabinets should allow rapid movement. Standard finished projects of country houses that are offered companies engaged in construction and design of cottages, could not satisfy the customer’s requests. He needed something new.

Jillian Northrup created a high cabinet of nutwood, glass and aluminum frame, which focused attention on visitors, as it was planned to place works of the host there. The cabinet was designed so that the side walls were easily parted to the side, allowing access to the storage of tools, which were posted on the wall behind the cabinet and drawers.

Table pedestals are made in the same style, retractable hinged doors allow to create a wide and comfortable working space around the table. Countertop was covered with oak stained black with inlaid veneer pattern of nutwood. Rotators were installed on pedestals under the worktop and tables could rotate around their axis under the table.

Additional tables, similar to the existing table, gave the opportunity to further increase the working space in the room. All cables were hidden in special grooves, sawn from the underside of countertop. Coffee table, simulating the chest was covered with glass top. This table is different from an ordinary chest only by the hidden side doors, which were used to store things.

All furniture legs were made in the form of spherical wheels coated with durable soft plastic. The entire set of furniture was made with all the nuances of light distribution in the room of the apartment.

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