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Monolith Minà Kitchen

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Have you ever wanted a kitchen furniture that is completely monolith and clad in black? If you are a fan of contemporary industrial-inspired furnishings, and don’t mind the heavy dark color, Italian brand Minnociolo has released amazing kitchen set especially for you, entitled elegantly Minà.

Mina Kitchen

Multifunctional Minà Kitchen By Minnociolo

Minà Kitchen By Minnociolo

Well, Minà Kitchen set presents a monolith block perfect for industrial-style kitchen that includes everything needed for comfortable cooking. It has a rectangular shape completely in black metal that is ornate with only neon red round handles. Minà Kitchen set appears to be very massive, if not to say aggressive in its proportions. It is also interesting to see the freestanding hoods, hovering over the set for the ventilation.

The company’s latest collections that came out together are entitled Natural Skin and Minà. Natural Skin collection focuses entirely on kitchen furnishing as well. The company states that both collections are of high quality due to the technological approach and stylish attributes. Both collections are flawless in appearance and promise perfect conditions for the activities popular in the kitchen. Here is some more description from Minnociolo regarding their latest monolith black Minà kitchen set:

Minà, the new concept of multifunctional composition: the taste of tradition is dressed by new technologies, refined details and Italian craftsmanship. The purity of black metal and the essence of shape become absolute and timeless, giving rise to the new object of desire for any type of environment: minimalist, traditional, classic.

Minnociolo as a company has a long history of furniture making dating back to 1974. Since that time they are known as a company that is good in producing high quality wooden furnishings. However, since then the company has increased its potential by presenting several other currents in the furniture manufacturing. Now they have three distinct directions in their production. There is a renowned English Mood line that is famous for its elegant and aristocratic furniture pieces. There is also Rio Bò collection, also focusing on kitchen furniture sets that is simpler in its design and more basic.


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