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Modular Cabinets by Hierve

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Modern designers of Hierve studio created a very interesting and fashionable collection consisting of glass cabinets, called «Vitrina Collection». This collection serves as a conceptual complement to Ropero, an already known cabinet model. The collection is interpreted in more simple and functional solutions.

Creative Collection of Modular Cabinets by Hierve

Vitrina Collection, a flexible modular wardrobe system by Hierve

Vitrina Collection, a flexible modular wardrobe system by Hierve

This design can be used as a closet in the bedroom, a chest in the kid’s room or even as a bookshelf system in the living room. Modern designer look of this classic piece of furniture offers customers to depart from the usual traditional aesthetic. A bright palette of colors is intriguing and pleasing to the eye.

Cabinets in the Vitrina Collection are made of natural wood, very durable thick glass, as well as convenient and reliable loops and magnets for closing doors. The internal elements of cabinets are made ​​of MDF dyed in bright colors. They became the main outstanding feature of this product.

Hierve has a studio in Mexico City and London. It first developed an original modular cupboard Ropero (“Closet” in translation from Spanish), which resulted from the inventive mixing of classic wardrobe with a glazed cabinet. Creative wardrobe Ropero was perceived as usable, meeting the modern requirements for storing clothes and satisfying the most demanding customers.

The collection will be offered with a wide range of possible configurations, color combinations, lighting effects and reflections. The cabinets consist of a base, the lower and upper units or one full-sized unit for storing long outerwear.

Each module is a solid oak frame, glazed with tempered glass or mirrors. Inside the module there is a removable system consisting of shelves, hangers and drawers. It is made of MDF boards, painted in any color upon a customer’s request.

The lower module of the Ropero cabinet is installed on a low base and has pull-out shelves for shoes and bags, a shelf for a laundry bag and drawers for accessories. The top module is located on high ground or on top of the lower module.


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