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Modern Eccentric Furniture

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Modern Art has become something quite exciting and interesting, strange and weird, unusual and eccentric. It is an art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation. Nowadays we see many experiments in any area of art; paintings, photography, interior, furniture, and sculpture. Different options, views, and opinions of some people who enjoy classic furniture styles. There are people who look for something crazy and different. Some are motivated to not own the same staff as everyone else, while others just fall in love with something wacky and have to have it.

Modern and Eccentric Furniture

As for me I am the one who does not like usual, repeated, and routine things.  With a lot of imagination and childlike inquisitiveness people can create their unusual, odd and cartoon like furniture and in this world you can find chairs that look like it is walking away from you. With a unsual number of the legs, you can get this feeling, looking at it. Doesn’t it remind you a crab, a spider, or an octopus? If the designer of this chair added some more details, like drawing face features with an appropriate color, then it would definitely fit your child’s room interior, or be just a fun item to sit on. It could be also a great decoration for the Halloween. Actually, this chair of Christian Norhave is a chair that is called the Sepii. It is need very attractive furniture. It can be as a one of indoor furniture or outdoor. If you look at the photo, you will see that only three feet of it standing on the floor. The chair is made from natural oak and available in natural color. It can be really suitable for sea-themed room.

Christian Norhave's Chair

Christian Norhave’s Chair

You can really find everything to fit your modern lifestyle, from furniture and lighting to accents, décor and more. Weird things now have become an idea to be modern and eccentric furniture.

Danish designer Ditte Maigaard has created something to capture human emotions. She created a metaphorical piece of furniture in the form of a unique sofa. The furniture is padded in lanes which could be used to create a customizable coloring on the back by allowing the lanes to be changed by the end user. This sofa is based on the differences in a relationship. Different things, different personalities, different characters, so why not gather all together in one great sofa? The grey side balances the colorful back of the sofa and offers a playful and fun method to make a statement. Meant to be enjoyed in all its glory, it comes highly recommended to be placed in the middle of the room chosen to display it. It can even act like a room divider. It looks different from the front and the back. It seems this creation was inspired be a beautiful flower. Here’s what she said: “Split Personality Sofa was created on two opposite types of personalities. The nature of their differences supplements each other and gives the furniture a wide range of applications. The shape and the textile expression had been created in unison, and it is exactly in eth meeting of the textile and the shape of the furniture where the Split Personality really comes to character.”

Split Personality Sofa

Split Personality Sofa

Ditte Maigaard's Sofa

Ditte Maigaard’s Sofa

This very unusual and beautiful outwardly sofa by Ueli Berger is a real find for those who love to experiment, constantly changing appearance of the room. This sofa will never be out of fashion, because every time it can be transformed into a different form. Sections of the sofa can allow bending the form of the sofa in any direction.

Ueli Berger's Sofa

Ueli Berger’s Sofa

Solovyov Design studio has created a modern Ofo chair. It is very stylish and curved. Ofo is an extremely modern chair that also provides a convenient area for storage, a shelf. The shelf of the chair can work as a small library in your house.

Solovyov's Ofo Chair

Solovyov’s Ofo Chair

This very unusual chair, Kids Caterpillar Tank, is made out of steel, of real wheels and polyurethane tracks. Can you imagine yourself running it around your room space? I bet your children will never stop running it and get a great pleasure sitting on it, even with teh book in the hands, reading it.

Kids Caterpillar Tank

Kids Caterpillar Tank

Modern art is something that can involve you to create unuasual, unique and extraordinary things for your homes.

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