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Lounge Varieties: What to Choose?

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One form of a lounge is present in almost every home. Some encyclopedias state that “ancestor” of a lounge was a regular wooden bench. In fact, a lounge has Persian roots; the first soft furniture appeared in the XVII century. Let’s now talk about the varieties of lounge that come to us from the East, their choice is really great.

Lounge Varieties: Sofa, Daybed and Ottoman




Sofa is a low lounge, which came to us from the Muslim East. Leather or bright natural fabrics were used as upholstery. There were impressive cushions on the sofa. First, they were stuffed with horsehair or sheep wool, steel springs appeared much later.

The backrest and armrests are on the same height. Sofa has the simplest mechanism of transformation, often draw-out type, so even a child can cope with it. Sofa is low, so often this kind of sofa is selected for children. There is an impressive box for clothes and linens at the bottom of the sofa.  There is a wall that protects a sleeper from falling or from the cold wall.

Daybed (couch)

In Europe, a daybed became known as a piece of furniture, which was first brought from Persia. It “settled” in the living rooms of rich people. A low broad couch, with a mountain of patterned cushions, clothed with beautiful oriental rugs attracted aristocrats. Couch was a sofa on short legs, with no back and armrests. However, it gradually improved for convenience: today there are angular models with the back.

Sofa ottoman

Originally a sofa ottoman was usually backless, more like a pouf. It was covered with a soft cloth or carpet. The ottoman on low legs later gained a little curly back. It fits perfectly into the decor of contemporary apartments, although it has a clear oriental style.

Ottoman can replace a table or a chair. It is a multifunctional product and timeless classic. Modern models include roomy storage box for linens, although ottomans are not recommended as a permanent bed.

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