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Louis XV Goes to Sparta

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Are you intrigued? Well, “Louis XV Goes to Sparta” is a unique exploration of what seems to appear and what it can become, or simply an amazing furniture design, a grand armchair by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman.


Unique Marble Chair

This incredible armchair, entitled exquisitely “Louis XV Goes to Sparta”, is an exploration how visual can become kinesthetic, or simply how to mistaken for real what seems to be harder than it is. Designed by famous designers, Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, the pseudo marble chair is exploring the traditional form with nontraditional patterns. Made exclusively for the Italian manufacturer, Cerruti Baleri, the armchair also explores the traditional forms of for the times of Louis XV era furniture and collides it with the intriguing patterning methods of the computer graphics.


Doesn’t the chair appear to be a real marble sensation? And as you imagine sitting in this, you are slowly emerging into the seat and then you are startled, because what you experience is not the shock from the cold marble touching your skin, but the warm fabric of the cushioned seat. The seating, by the way is made entirely, no really for 100 % out of silk, and it bears the photo image of the carrara marble.


The actual “Louis XV Goes to Sparta” armchair is designed from a framework, made from plywood structure and CFC-free soft polyurethane foam, with an internal dacron cover and separate seating cushion made of polyurethan. The cushion is further upholstered into silk, as mentioned earlier. The “Louis XV Goes to Sparta” is available in three variations, so to say in three different variations of marble types: ‘carrara marble’, currently being in production, alongside with ‘portasanta marble’ and ‘grande antico marble’.

By the way, this marvelous armchair was presented during the IMM Cologne, the international furnishing show, which usually takes place in Cologne, during winter time. As for the mysterious name, we can only suggest that the authors wanted emphasize the play of two opposite worlds, and how ridiculous and weird it would appear if it would happen in real life.


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