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Living Room Sofa Alternatives

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Sofa is arguably the most important furniture piece in the living room but it’s also very predictable. It can be quite inviting and cozy but all too familiar no matter what you do. So why not introduce something different into your living room decor and see if it works for you considering that some of these couch alternatives aren’t that expensive.

Living Room Couch Alternatives



A hammock is a great couch alternative. It may not be ideal for those who likes watching TV but it’s amazing for anyone who likes reading and wants some airyness in their living room. A hammock creates a relaxed laid back feel so your living room doesn’t look too formal or imprersonal.

Futon Mattress

Couch mattress

A futon mattress or a regular one can also be a good couch alternative. It’s cheap, it’s soft, and you can create an Orient style-inspired decor with low coffee table and floor pillows.

Floor Pillows

Pillow chairs

Speaking about floor pillows, these can be used for seating instead of a conventional sofa. Comfy and fluff they can even imitate armchairs.


Lacoon by Jai-Jalan

A couple of armchairs or a few chairs placed in a row can also make a nice substitute for a sofa. These amazingly spacious modern Lacoon armchairs provide lots of comfort for individual use and look a lot more intriguing than a traditional couch.


Zoe from Verzelloni Divani

A daybed may look more like a familiar couch but some of them are surprisingly different, like Zoe from Verzelloni Divani. Coming with a soft footrest this armchair-like daybed can be used by guests for a sleep over, as a reading chair, or as a sofa, of course.

Living room doesn’t have to be conventional or boring. You can make it look unusual and relaxed if you want to and these sofa alternatives can really make a difference.

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