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Living Room Armchair Alternatives For Modern Home

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Living room doesn’t have to be this boring grouping of a sofa, two armchairs, and TV since there are so many alternative furniture pieces that can add much more flair and character to your room. You can also save some space by swapping regular armchairs for these darlings.

Armchair Alternatives For Living Room Decor



A daybed will merge your living room and reading nook seamlessly. Besides since it can look as both a big armchair and a couch the living room its functionality as reading chair and seating (or even sleeping) space for guests will only make you thankful you went with it. You can also use it instead of a sofa if you have a small or awkward living room.



Poufs are great as foot rests and can be used for seating as well. These are great for small spaces because you can easily hide them under the coffee table in case you need more floor space. They can also work great as accents for your living room decor.

Bean Bag

Bean bags

Bean bags are more inviting than many daybeds and can also look unusual in a living room. It is especially great for winter when you can sink into a fur or knitted bean bag at the fireplace and warm up with some tea and catch up on your reading.



Swing is not your typical seat but it sure is fun. It will add a bit of fun into day to day life. But it can also be functional in terms of relieving stress. Just sit back and sway your problems away after a long hard day.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows

Throw pillows aren’t just decorative. They can be used as floor cushion if you like spaciousness without many furnishings. Add soft fluffy rug and a low table for an ultimate family space to watch movies, play, and simply relax.

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