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Lila Jang Furniture Designs

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Furniture, beside it’s regular purpose of accomodating people, should have another artistic value, it should scream about its individuality and style. Well, here we will discuss an incredible furniture pieces by Lila Jang!

Incredibly Elegant Furniture

Lila Jang is a young sculptor from Seoul, Korea, who creates unbelievable furniture pieces for the small space apartment and turns the mundane into awe inspiring pieces of art. Her recent work, the Canape furniture piece is literally jaw dropping furniture, as you can see how this piece climbs up the wall!
Originally, the canape is a piece of furniture much like a couch, but with fancy carvings of the legs, and no doubt this piece of furniture was really popular during the XIX century. Now, the Canape seating from Lila Jang is nothing like a conventional seating! First of all, she seems to be following her own scheme, while she presents furniture exclusively in white, and this Canape seating is no exception, as we see the white Canape in traditional shape, except that part of it is climbing up the wall!
But, hold on, that is not it – among her other pieces is the Anne-Marie arm chair, also exclusively in beige, yet just look at this chair: its arms are expanding like a dress sleeves! It is very unlikely that anyone can fit into such non proportional chair, yet just look how fancy it is! Another of her awe inspiring piece is Haenir, an elegant white little dresser with a vivid scarlet drawer dropping like a jaw, or a tongue like the Rolling Stones symbol.

And not to mention her swinging chairs, the Lisa and Mawu, which both look like two ballet dancers which are caught in one those awkward motions, also purely in white. So, this resident of Lux Art Institute, surely does have an incredible imagination, which helps her to transform the mundane furniture pieces into incredible art statement, which won’t be probably used as furniture, but merely as an art sculptures. Doesn’t it remind you of the Alice in Wonderland furniture? Do you see her creative furniture as something to be a focal point in your interior?

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  1. Nivia
    March 18, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Buona sera,
    Vorrei sapere dove o come posso comprare (se possibile) il pezzo Canape di Lila Jang.

  2. Sara
    November 9, 2014 at 2:32 am

    Where can I buy the amazing white couch that goes against the wall and how much!!!

  3. Debbie
    January 22, 2015 at 12:36 am

    Fallen in love with the glass dining table with the curved base, please can you tell me where I can buy it from.