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Lenga Modular System by Yes, Oui si

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If you are in search of the perfect wall decor for the entryway, this is just for you! The Lenga modular system by Yes, Oui si is designed for those of you who are in love with wood, order and minimalism.

Wooden Shelving System

Designed by the Israel based designer is a perfect wooden shelving system to place all the needed items in reach of each other. It is actually a set of cabinets, pair of drawers which can be positioned on the board that is fixed securely in place with the support of horizontal grooves on the surface.
The original design was inspired by the grid system, in which various items can be placed depending on their functions. The modular shelving system is perfect for displaying needed items, therefore it could be used in residential place as well as in retail stores. It is a very unique furniture piece, as it offers flexibility in usage, keeping the design intact. It can be as functional and as cozy as you like it, because you as the owner dictate the rules!

Lenga Modular System

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