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Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

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Leather is considered one of the most luxurious materials. Although it is quite durable there are certain limits where leather becomes dirty and worn. Today we are going to explore methods of cleaning the leather furniture pieces.

leather cleaning

Leather Furniture Maintenance Tips

First of all, leather furniture needs constant maintenance, which could be started with regular dusting and cleaning with a soft cloth at least once in two weeks. Vacuum cleaning of the furniture piece should be done at least once a month, to ensure that the dust is not collecting in the crevices of a furniture piece.

If something was spilt onto leather furniture, remove the liquid immediately, as later on it can blot and cause much trouble. Mold can accumulate and spread in the chair, ruining it from the inside. For that matter, you should also avoid using soaps, detergents and other liquid cleaning materials. Instead, opt for leather-friendly conditioners and polishes.

leather cleaning

The grease stains could be removed with a soft cloth, while the ink stains could be removed with cotton cloth dipped in alcohol. If there is a dark stain on beige leather, you can remove it with a simple mixture. Mix equal parts of a lemon juice with tartar sauce and apply the solution directly to the spot with a damp cloth. Then remove it with a clean cloth and make sure the leather is dry.

If, for some reason, you do have mold on your leather furniture – there is a way to deal with it. Make a mixture using a small amount of Castille soap and water. Then, wipe the leather chair with this mixture. Remove soap, once the mold is off, with a clean cloth and eventually dry the spot with a soft towel. To prevent the mold spores from flying around, spray some water around the chair.

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