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Kitchen Island Inspiration: 15 Unusual Designs

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A kitchen island is a handy kitchen feature. It’s multifunctional and can be a decoration unto itself. The typical kitchen island provides a lot of working space but there are unusual designs that take advantage of the kitchen island beyond using it just as table or a bar counter.

15 Unusual Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen island with benches

Kitchen island with built in benches that are easily disguised when not in use and provide seats for when a kitchen island is used as table

Kitchen island provides for many more function opportunities like storage, display, working space in a home office sense, and much more. When shopping for a kitchen island consider your main needs and preferences. Some islands come in bigger sizes with lots of surface to work on while others are compact but full of storage space. Some even come in different shapes, which can be useful for smaller kitchens. And besides not every kitchen needs a massive rectangular table. It can be round, square, or of any other peculiar shape.

And while a marble kitchen island always looks impressive you can have an equally impressive design produced out of a piece of reclaimed wood or concrete.

Marble kitchen island

Marble kitchen island is a decoration for any kitchen

There is no limit on the materials. Corian, natural wood, fake stone, and even legos as shown by IKEA. No need to make it purely aesthetical either. If you need to store your wine collection somewhere, you can do a custom made design that will help you save space and display your hobby with style.

Since kitchen islands usually aren’t mobile it’s a good idea to have a wheeled design if you have a small kitchen and want more flexibility in your kitchen interior. See other great ideas for a kitchen island design in our gallery.

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