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Kitchen Glass Tops

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Kitchen remodeling is a pleasant but sometimes also a daunting task. There are so many finishes and materials to choose from. Then you have to coordinate colors and textures and make sure cabinetry goes well with the tech. At this point we recommend to really draw a picture or find one of the kitchen you’ll love to have. It will help you decide on materials and visualize your future kitchen. And if you’re in for some drama glass countertops are great alternative to stone.

Glass Countertops For Kitchen

Glass Tops

Kitchen materials range from wood to stainless steel to granite but then there is also glass, which lately has been used not only in windows and French doors but also in countertops.

Glass is a fresh twist you can add to your kitchen island or even a work surface.

Glass Tops

The advantages of glass countertops include heat and stain resistance, numerous hues and textures and also a green factor. Some countertops are made from recycled glass mixed with some sturdy agent like cement. But you can also have a monolith countertop for your breakfast area or kitchen bar in almost any shape you like.

The thickness of glass countertops starts at 1,5″ and it can be lit with LED lights of any color. The edge can be brushed or polished or textured and the finishes can vary greatly.

Glass Tops

Glass countertops aren’t only fit for kitchen. You can also install them in bathrooms. And countertops aren’t the only option either. You can also order a glass backsplash or a kitchen or dining room tabletop in same glass finish.

Such countertops aren’t very hard to install but if they crack they can only be replaced. And while monolith glass is resistant to stains acidic products such as vinegar can ruin the look.

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