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Introvert Furniture Designs

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Most often we need furniture that would not only help in our daily activities, but also enhance our thinking process, and this can often be achieved by the introvert furniture designs, that would allow you to be socially isolated.

introvert furniture

Socially Isolating Furniture

As mentioned earlier the socially isolating furniture is not meant to make a recluse, but it is designed for your privacy, while you are doing something. The most obvious in this collection of introvert furniture would be the Rewrite desk by Gam Fratesi. This isolating desk bubble seems to be perfect for the public library setting; however it is also suitable for any home office. It has most of the needed equipment for providing the comfortable work space. Produced by Ligne Roset in 2011, and despite its simple designs, the Rewrite table would certainly equip and adorn the interior of any working environment. Another of the kind is the Instant Privacy Dome, except that its privacy can be regulated by the moving shield. The concept is pretty simple, yet very timely, as the big companies strive for more open communication between the employees, and encourage occasional privacy as well.

introvert furniture

Other furniture sets on the list of the introvert furniture designs are the privacy chairs. The booth lounge chair by Addi is opening this set. Swedish design studio Addi has worked on the effective chair for the private thoughts. The chair can be converted to the introvert one, or can be used as any other chair. The booth lounge chair can provide you privacy and shelter from bad weather if outdoors. The Private Rocker by Kyle Fleet is another option for the introvert chair. The Private Rocker, being made from the natural materials such as wood, leather, wool fabric provides a comfort reading or working zone, as it seems to partially remove you from the sight of others. The addition to the set is the small black ottoman, so the reading process can be more comfortable.

introvert furniture

As readers have noticed, these introvert furniture designs are presented mostly for the working environment. However, there are some recreational ones, such as the Hush chair, which is an amazing example of how chairs can be both private and open. It looks like a flower that can close and open. The chair can be used as a napping place even, when its petals are closed, or use it as an ordinary armchair. Designer Freyja Sewell has made the Hush chair from wool felt; this is an awesome experience both for your eyes and skin. Another of a kind but less poetic and more morbid is the sensory deprivation skull, which also shares the common close and open features.

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