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Interesting Table Base Designs

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There are many table designs, but perhaps you are in search for one with a unique base? Then perhaps this post about the interesting table base designs will help you a great deal to add new table to your living space.

Interesting Table Base designs

Unique Table Base Designs

As we concentrate on the most unique table base designs, lets open this post with the Gabion Table. This table exposes the base that is the most important gravity subject in the whole composition. Simple, yet very stylish, this table features only the ash pedestal and the granite ballast that supports it. Designed for the De La Espada, by Benjamin Hubert, the Gabion Table challenges the accepted paradigm of hiding the base of the table. Not only the base is all visible, it also exposes the granite balls that support the table. Gabion Table wins over with its unusual aesthetics and style, and would suit just about any interior design.


Another intriguing table of our interest is the Intuition Table. It features simple black glass tabletop with magnificent base, which is designed to look like two intertwined ribbons. Originally in black, the other side of this iron ribbon is yellow, and this small detail adds depth to the Intuition Table. Designed by Koket design studio, the Intuition Table is perfect for the contemporary interior décor and also adds chic and sensibility to the strict modern style.


The last, but not least in our post of the most interesting table base designs, is the Paint Drip Table by John Nouanesing. It is astonishing in a way that it presents to visible to the eye table base at all. Supported only by the drips of paint, this table is very blood curling, as it defies gravity and makes you feel creepy associating it with blood drips. Not for any interior design, for it would require the light background to stand out in the interior. It is elegant and chic in its own, bloody, way.


Interesting Table Base designs


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  1. ben
    September 21, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    Please give me the price, Thanx.

  2. Erin Brower
    September 24, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Dear Ben,

    We are afraid we wil not be able to help you in this case, since we do not sell these tables.
    We are very sorry that we could not help you.