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How To Maintain Furniture

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Furniture makes our lives more comfy and our interiors more inviting. Since most of the furniture items are separate investments it is important to maintain their appearance as long as they can serve and perform. There are three main types of furniture used indoors and they usually differ by materials they are made of.

Tips on Maintaining Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Wooden dining set


Wooden furniture is considered to be sturdy but it is actually quite delicate when it comes to appearance. The surface is prone to scratches, staining, fading, and other damage so this long-lasting type of furniture needs a little extra care when it comes to maintenance. First of all, woods don’t like water as it ruins the structure of wood so be careful not to spill liquids on it. But if you did wipe them out as soons as possible with a clean dry cloth.

Use coasters or table mats when placing the hot cups or plates on the wooden surface. This will protect the tabletop from the rings from cups or other dishes. Another way to protect your wooden furniture is to keep the sharp objects away from it to prevent scratches and splinters.


Metal Furniture

Industrial style metal coffee table

It’s usually outdoor furniture that is made from metal but some industrial style chairs as well as modern coffee tables come in metal. When out of the garden metal is pretty easy to maintain. It doesn’t rust as much and stays almost the same. In the outdoors, however, it’s best to keep your metal furniture under the canopy or some other awning to protect it from the rain and prevent rusting.

You can also prevent rust by bringing your metal outdoor furniture indoors or into the garage during bad weathers. Another way to protect it from water is to cover it with a waterproof canvas for the rainy periods.


Glass Furniture

Glass desk

Glass furniture usually comes in a metal or wooden base and while it’s quite easy to maintain glass can be very fragile. Keeping glass looking flawless can be quite a challenge especially when it’s a coffee table and you have kids in the household. Make sure that a furniture item with a glass part cannot be knocked down or damaged easily. Protect the glass tabletop with mats and coasters from cup rings, fingerprints, and various other stains.


Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered living room set

Upholstery is what makes indoor furniture so cozy and yet it’s so easy to stain and soil. To protect your upholstered furniture use slip covers, old blankets and sheets especially if there are kids or pets in the house. Thus you will keep upholstery cleaner for longer and will only have to wash the slip covers or blankets.

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