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How To Hang Hammocks In Apartments

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When I saw a picture of a hammock in an apartment I thought it’s weird to have a hammock indoors, but actually you will end up having the best sleep you’ve gotten in years. Get a hammock and you will be relaxing comfortably in no time.

Best Ways For Hanging Your Hammock

hammock in an apartment

To hang a hammock in an apartment you will need drilling and screwing your walls, but it sure will damage them. If you prefer to stay away from that there are hammock stands that will make it easier. They are very stable and strong and would cost much cheaper than full wall repair, especially if you rent or lease. And there is not much of a work to do, you just hang the handles and get relaxed on a comfy hammock. The stands are portable, so feel free to move your hammock wherever you want.

If you’re trying to save space in your apartment (and some cash), then a stand is not an option. Get out your drill and screwer, we’re going to damage some walls. Find the correct position for your hammock in order to get a reasonable arc. If you will position it wrong you will end up with a hammock hung too slack or too taught. That’s something you don’t want. So spend some time trying to find a correct placement to hang it.

Choose kind of support that is suitable for your apartment – expansion bolts for concrete walls, ceiling joists for wooden beams or just tying a standard hammock knot. You can hire somebody to do it for you or just google DIY videos, you will find a bunch of those online.

Whatever you choose you will not regret it as having hammock in your room will probably be the best idea you’ve ever gotten.

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